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EcoReps and other strikers hold signs to protest climate inaction

Princeton Climate Strike

Two protesters hold "Farmers Know Climate Change Aint Fake News Sign)

Princeton Climate Strike 2019

EcoReps and strikers march through Princeton campus

Princeton Climate Strike 2019

EcoReps pose with signs protesting climate inaction at Princeton Climate Strike

Princeton Climate Strike 2019

EcoRep Ashlyn holds "Planet Over Profit" sign at NYC Climate Strike 2019

Planet Over Profit!

EcoReps Matt and Ashlyn raise their signs high at the NYC Climate Strike 2019

EcoReps Ashlyn and Matthew display their activism at the NYC Strike

Bicycle prize for Amazing Green Race

Grand prize for top winners of Amazing Green Race 2019!

Two winners of the Amazing Green Race pose with their new bike

Two of the winners and one of their new bikes!

EcoReps Brianne and Alison pose with Cupanion cups

EcoReps Alison and Brianne get ready to roll out the Cupanion program!

EcoRep Alison displays some of the trash that was picked up during a marsh clean-up

EcoRep Alison showing off some of the trash that was picked up on the Marsh!

A large pile of garbage bags full of waste removed during the Abbott Marsh Clean-up

All the waste removed from the Abbot Marsh

EcoRep Alina talks to students and hands out sustainable goods at Earth Day 2018

EcoRep Alina handing out some sustainable giveaways

AJ the Bronc and other students practicing yoga on Earth Day 2018

AJ the Bronc joins in on some Earth Day yoga!

A trifold board featuring information about sustainability on campus at Earth Day 2018

Info board at Earth Day 2018

A table featuring all of the sustainable giveaways from Earth Day 2018

Sustainable giveaways!

EcoRep Alison applies a temporary tattoo for another student at Earth Day 2018

EcoRep Alison applying some fun temporary tattoos!

Foliage on Rider's campus blooming

Beautiful foliage on campus

Fountains on Centennial Lake

Centennial Lake

Cherry trees on Rider's campus in full bloom

Rider trees in full bloom!

Fountains on Centennial Lake

Centennial Lake

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